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Profit Protection

People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.
You can no longer rely on Social Security to cover your retirement. People are living longer, health costs are rising, non-traditional retirement plans are being eliminated, and the cost of living is increasing. 
Is the IRS the primary beneficiary of your IRA?
With access to the most comprehensive understanding of IRA taxation, preservation, and distribution, Thomas will work with you to develop and implement a plan to take full advantage of the IRA laws.

Do you have a barrier between your wealth and your health?
Thomas will work with you  to protect your assets when the cost of long-term care threatens family financial security, even if there is no Long-Term Care Insurance Policy.

No better way to leverage your money.
Planning how to properly protect, preserve, and pass along your estate to your heirs is one of the most vital components of your overall financial wellbeing.Beckworth Financial Group will work with you to customize a strategy to meet your long-term goals and needs. Whether you are trying to minimize the impact of taxes or simply guarantee your heirs will receive what you originally planned, Thomas will work with you in planning today, and with your heirs in executing future strategies.

"The surest way to accumulate wealth is to not pay taxes on money you are not using."
 - John D. Rockefeller

As a graduate of H&R Block, Thomas will help lower your federal taxes and lower or even eliminate taxes on social security. Call (800) 475-9798 today to arrange a convenient, no-fee visit or to attend one of our workshops.